Do You Want to Lower Your Dental Marketing Cost by 30% While Increasing Growth?

Yes, I Want To Lower Your Dental Marketing Cost By 30% While Increasing Growth

30 in 30

30% Lower Google Cost Per Click in 30 Minutes

Live Hands-On Dentist Marketing

Save 30% on Google Dental Marketing or it Costs Nothing

  1. We’ll Send a Zoom Meetings Link
  2. You Share Your Screen (We Won’t Ask for Your Accounts, Passwords or Payment Info)
  3. We Show You Changes to Make Your Cost Per Click Drop by 30%
  4. You Make the Changes with Our Analysis and Guidance
  5. Increase Your Dental Search Ads Efficiency by 30% Immediately or You Pay Nothing

Dental Patient Acquisition Costs as Low as $10 per New Patient with Google Search Ads


We Leverage Big Data from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook & Twitter to Target the Best Possible New Patients for Your Dental Practice. Family Practices want Families as Patients, but Dental Practices also Need to be Profitable. We Analyze Google Big Data to Find Patients that Have the Means to Pay and Directly Influence the Dental Choice of Family Members.


Our Weence Patients Process ALWAYS Leads to New Patient Acquisition for our Dentist Clients. Weence Patients Refines Exactly Who Sees Your Dental Practice’s Marketing Messages. We Target Affluent New Mover Heads of Household so Your Cost per Acquisition Continues to Drop While the Quality of Patient for Your Dental Practice Improves.


You Could Save 30% on Your Current Google Search Ads Budget or You Can Accelerate the Growth of Your Dental Practice by 30% on the Same Ad Budget. Because Our Consistent Delivery of Low Cost per Acquisition Patients & Families. A $75 Investment Will Save You Thousands of Dollars in Google Ads Costs Every Year.

YES! I Want to Get New Dental Patients and Grow My Dental Practice!

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