Solving The Challenges Every Privately Owned Dental Practice Faces

The Weence team loves what we do and is eager to put our talents to work helping you grow your dental practice! We are the type of people that take responsibility for our own futures and the future of those around us. We have a God given talent for helping small businesses thrive and it’s only right that we use that talent to help small businesses like yours!
Sound too good to be true? Unlike many marketing firms, we have the results to back it up.

Weence has survived:

  • The dot com boom and bust.
  • 9-11 and the following recession.
  • The housing bubble burst and the following near economic depression.
  • COVID and the current recession.
  • 7 full presidential terms in office with one half of the country scared and uncertain about their futures at any given time.

We’ll implement the same digital strategies that helped us survive and thrive for your dental practice!

We Understand Your Apprehension

Between the current economic conditions and corporate dental practices driving up the cost of local digital marketing, we understand how uncertain you feel about the future of your business. Even more so if you’ve invested in marketing that hasn’t delivered. Or if you’ve tackled digital marketing in-house with dismal results. With Weence, our results are measurable, your cost per acquisition is crystal clear, and we hold ourselves 100% accountable for our results.

Dental Practice Digital Marketing

Instead of waiting for some miracle economic plan that focuses on small businesses, the Weence team has created our own economic recovery plan. We’ve always been there to do our part to help small businesses and our local economies by providing world-class SEO services, at a small-business-friendly price point. We’ve with worked business owners across every industry, but specialize in the unique marketing needs of dental practices. Our objective is to help you survive, thrive, and hire more people.

Dental Marketing Options

Across America, nearly 70% of small businesses say they spend more time and money trying to get people in the door than anything else. With search engine optimization, search engine ads, social media marketing & ads, you have a lot more options now—but it’s also a lot more complicated. That’s why we’re here!
Our targeted strategies deliver rapid and measurable results. With Weence, you’ll always know your return on investment.

Exclusive Marketing Areas

We can’t help every dentist. In fact, we won’t! In the online world, effectively serving competing dental practices isn’t possible. A marketing firm that tells you otherwise isn’t working with integrity. For this reason, Weence only works with one dentist per 20-mile radius to ensure we deliver 100%.

No Ad Spend Markup—Ever!

We maintain our integrity and accountability by keeping your cost per action low and your conversions high. While many marketing & SEO companies charge you a monthly fee and ALSO charge a percentage of your monthly ad spending, we don’t. Weence has never and will never charge a percentage of your ad budget. Our competitors who do are essentially given an incentive to push your monthly spending to its max. One of our many objectives is to keep your costs as low as possible and deliver measurable results.

Going It Alone Costs More

We hear you, your budget is already tight, so adding on a digital marketing line item may have you considering going it alone. Digital marketing is complex and without a powerful local-area strategy you are likely to waste both labor hours and ad spending on efforts that only deliver dismal results. Digital marketing is what we specialize in, and we are up to date with the constantly evolving best practices. Trust us to deliver results and we’ll implement a winning strategy.

Growth Is Our Objective

You’ll hear feel the difference from our very first phone call. Yes, we’ll ask the standard marketing questions, but as a fellow small but mighty business—you will hear how sincerely dedicated we are to helping you grow.

Our results are measured by the conversions we deliver and the retention rates that we boost. Yes, there are other key performance indicators to measure, but getting patients on your calendar and through the door is what we specialize in.

Weence Treats You Like Family

You’re family, and we treat you that way. We don’t look at our clients like they’re an ATM machine with a head. If you’re tired of being treated like a faceless cog in some agency wheel, then we welcome you home to Weence, where your prosperity is our purpose.

You took on the responsibility, and the small business loans to make your dream come true. When you care about something, you worry about it too. Don’t take a chance with your dental practice, your livelihood, or the livelihoods of your staff and the families that depend on you.

Working with the Weence team provides you with the peace of mind that you are taking a proactive approach toward your sustainability—with a trusted digital marketing partner.

Reach out to the Weence team today with questions, or to get started!

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